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SyndiFeed makes keeping up with sites and news easy.

Number of Registered Users: 2719

Number of Sites: 124144

Version 2.6

Version 2.6 brings groups, you can now group your feeds togther in individual folders. We have also added a new layout view so you can view your feeds in either a grid form or a list form.

What is it?

SyndiFeed is a way to keep up with all of your favourite sites, blogs and news sites all in one place. Add almost any website to your account and pull in all the latest content.

Some features

Found something the world should know about? Like it or share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Haven't got time to read something right now? Click the bookmark icon to save it to your read later folder and come back to it at any time.

Any site

Because it uses RSS technology, it works with almost any website that provides an RSS feed. You can also import your subscriptions from Google Reader using our importer tool.


Use the groups feature to create different groups and then add sites to them. This feature allows you to keep all of your feeds organised amongst themselves.

What's to come?

We have a lot planned, some you may see sooner rather than later but we have a lot of work ahead of us to try and bring you a great reading experience.