Really. Simple. Syndication.

Keep up with all of your favourite sites from around the web in one place.


SyndiFeed is simple. I've built this to keep out of the way as much as possible in delivering your feeds. Keep it stupid simple.


One of the big new things in version 3 is the speed. Everything is running in the background to get you to your feeds as fast as possible.


Want to come back to something later? Each item can be starred and returned to later! Items can also be archived for more permanent storage.

Plain ol' RSS

Nothing more, nothing less. SyndiFeed is built on top of RSS, a fantastic tried and tested way of keeping up with your favourite blogs or news sites.

Keep up-to-date wherever you may be.

SyndiFeed is designed to work across all of your platforms, this means you can keep to date with your favourite blogs or news sites whereever you are, whether that be on your phone, tablet or desktop.

Overwhelmed by your unread count? Just hit "Mark all as read" and start again! We live in world where news moves by so fast, that we can very quickly become bogged down by the unread count in our news apps, there's nothing wrong with hitting reset.

Existing SyndiFeed user?

Welcome back! Everything looks a little different and that comes with some background changes too (an all new system in reality). I've tried to make the migration process seamless and hopefully something that you won't even notice when you log in again, but if you have any issues, contact us on Twitter and we'll get it sorted.

The roadmap…

To reference my favourite muscician; big things coming! But in all seriousness, there's a lot I have planned and this is very much the beginning. I'll be putting up a post detailing the plans shortly, follow @SyndiFeed on Twitter to keep up to date.

Ready to get started?